International Church

The members and visitors of the Free Evangelical Church in Aachen are becoming more and more international. Cameroonians, Chinese and Indonesians form the largest individual groups, but there are also people from other nationalities.

It is our vision to live integrated and be a church of many nationalities. We therefore welcome our international members, friends and guests warmly to all our events and bible groups. Furthermore the Chinese and Indonesians have additional services and bible groups held in their respective native languages. Further information of the Chinese group is found on

We offer various joint activities to promote better understanding among all nationalities and often celebrate joint services. In addition, several times a year, we have get-togethers focusing on one or more nationalities represented at our church. Also, there is an offer to improve one’s German language knowledge in casual conversations. Sometimes, members or friends of our church also welcome guests in their homes who will then have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of our international friends.